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Coachella Ace Golf is a member-based community of youth golfers.  We offer Absolute Coaching Essentials with a fundamental approach to all aspects of the game.  We welcome middle and high school aged youth golfers of all abilities for seasonal and annual programming utilizing the latest technology to provide immediate and measurable feedback.   

Our students are exposed to the complete Ace Golf Curriculum including: 1) Full swing and ball flight fundamentals 2) Driving strokes gained 3) Approach stokes gained 4) Wedges 5) Pitching and chipping 6) Putting fundamentals and scoring 7) Course management and strategy 8) Tournament preparation and scoring.  These fundamentals are coached and reinforced twice a week and are also offered to our members in intensive half-day Ace Clinics and multi-day Ace Combines.

Join us and your game will be Full Swing Ahead!



Membership Subscription Benefits Include:


  • Annual and Seasonal options

  • Twice Weekly Performance Coaching Sessions  

  • Members have access to Ace Golf Clinics and Combines

  • Personal performance plan including measurable feedback

  • Member-only benefits with CGG partner brands  

  • Member benefits across the Coachella Youth Golf

Summer/Fall Programming and Registration Available

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