Coachella Golf Guild is a member-based community of active and passionate golfers.  We offer a performance centric structure tailored to each individual and comprehensive in scope.  Our process starts with understanding the specific goals of each member and together design a personal path to success.  We foster an elite-level coaching environment through vision, support and accountability.


Approachable and inclusive, Coachella Golf Guild is positioned for all golfers and additive to traditional golf offerings.  We coach the complete person and the complete game in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Our foundation is based in simplicity, curiosity and awareness.  We start with the end in mind and never lose sight of the fact that low score wins.  Whatever your next step, Coachella Golf Guild can help Craft Your Game!

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Membership Subscription Benefits Include:


  • Annual and Seasonal benefit options

  • Individual and Family categories

  • Weekly Performance Coaching Sessions.  

  • Annual members receive 44 sessions

  • Seasonal members receive 23 sessions

  • Annual performance plan including measurable feedback

  • Unique member-only events

  • Member-only benefits with CGG partner brands

  • Reserved CGG practice area at SilverRock Resort 

  • CGG member-only merchandise 

  • Member benefits across the Coachella Coaching family

Launching Spring 2023

Coachella Golf Guild