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Coachella Speed Golf is a member-based community offering training, competitive and social opportunities for golfers, runners and others interested. We welcome all ages and all abilities to experience the benefits of combining two great pursuits into one enjoyable activity. We are committed to introduce, promote and grow our unique sport throughout the Coachella Valley.

Playing Speed Golf is simple and straightforward. First, gather as much equipment as you would like to carry and place it in a light bag. Second, join us for a sunrise training round. Depending on running pace and golf ability, you will finish in 60-90 minutes having played 18 holes, logged over 4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed your playing partners. Speed Golf is not difficult, intimidating or for the athletic elite.

Come and enjoy A Good Run Spoiled!

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Membership Subscription Benefits Include:


  • Access to In-season CSG training rounds

  • Access to CSG competitive events

  • Unique member-only events  

  • Continuous support from fellow CSG members through shared experiences and vision

  • CSG member-only merchandise

Launching Summer 2025

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